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Why’s There A Need To Have A Proper Diet?

What is a diet?

Diet refers to the specific intake of food or nutrition for managing weight and other health reasons. It is customary nourishment that applies to food as well as to a drink too.


What is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet is a kind of diet where one consumes all the nutrients required for one’s body to function correctly. A balanced diet consists of various foods that help the body keep motivating, energizing, and healthy!
There are some of the most common tips that come under the balanced diet chart to be healthy. They are:
● Water is the ruler!
Drinking at least six to eight liters of water per day is necessary to stay healthy.

● Make sure you don’t skip your breakfast!
Don’t skip your breakfast; instead, break your eating patterns to four or five times a day while eating in small proportions.

● Be active and exercise for a while!
One should enjoy eating food as well as know to digest the same!

● Eat at least five pieces of fruits or vegetables every day!
Vegetables such as leafy greens, starchy vegetables, beans, peas, red and orange vegetables, and fresh fruits are necessary ones in your diet chart!

● Try including at least two portions of fish weekly once!
Protein-rich fish, chicken breast, lean beef are essential too!

● A grain a day is gain a day!
Include grains such as walnut, coconut, oats, and barley in your balanced diet list!

● Daily Dairy!
Consumption of limited low-fat dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, and soy milk would keep the body strong and healthy.

A Balanced diet results in a Balanced healthy lifestyle!

It is vital to have a proper diet though the amount of food we consume differs from one person. A perfect Balanced diet comprises 50-60% of carbohydrates, 12-20% of proteins, and 30% of fats or lipids.
Being healthy doesn’t include physical health only. A healthy life results in healthy body weight, mental health, positive energy, and a good mood where physical health influences stress, mental health, depression, etc.
However, there are different diets such as weight loss and weight gain diets, vegan diet, Mediterranian diet, a balanced diet that is neutral, and a proper diet that everyone can follow and quickly agree with!
Lack of a proper diet leads to uninvited health problems like cancer, diabetes, infections, heart problems, heart stroke, exhaustion, etc.

There are lakhs of people around us who don’t get sufficient food to eat but still live with what they get. If we are privileged enough to receive three meals a day, let’s follow a proper and straightforward diet to stay healthy!
Let’s stay healthy and let others stay healthy too!

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