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Chinese Diet (3 weeks)

This diet is very difficult, but it does exist, and therefore it is possible to adhere to it. Chinese diet is low calorie. It is designed for three weeks. During the first two weeks you will feel a significant reduction in weight, and the third week will reinforce the result. The very description of the diet is quite short:

Chinese Diet

First week

Three times a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should eat one egg and one orange. It is allowed to drink only green tea without sugar.

Second week

Your menu will compose any cereal, except semolina and pearl barley. It should be cooked as follows: leave cereal to soak overnight and in the morning, boil it in water without salt and sugar. During the day you can eat only one kind of cereal. It is allowed to eat porridge without restrictions. As well as during the first week, you should drink only green tea without sugar.

Third week

During this week, you can consume any vegetables and fruits. Eat them fresh or cooked – vegetable stew, stewed in vegetable oil with salt. In addition to the usual green tea, you can drink juices.

The first weeks are very hard, but the result is worth the effort. If you find it too difficult to eat according to the menu, you can simply choose a different diet, more suited to your nutrition and taste preferences.

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