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Watermelon Diet

The watermelon diet is probably the most delicious of all the existing diets. It is cheap, very simple and doesn’t require any special intricacies. You won’t need to count calories or limit yourself in food.

Watermelon has been always used as cholagogue and diuretic. It is not high-calorie, and more than 80% fructose provides a pleasant sweet taste. Watermelon cellular tissue absorbs toxins in the intestine which are formed during the etching process, improves the intestinal microflora, intensifies peristalsis. Besides, watermelon contains pectin that promotes weight loss – it reduces appetite, accelerates metabolism and outputs the excess liquid from the body. This makes watermelon diet very effective – it can help not only to lose extra kilograms, but also clean the organism.

The most widespread watermelon diet lasts five days with a result of a weight loss is up to 8 kilograms. You should calculate the daily rate – for 10-15 kilograms of weight – 1 kg of the pulp of watermelon. Thus, if your weight is 60 kg, you need to eat 6 kg watermelon. Eat every 2-3 hours, and in the intervals drink mineral water without gas or green tea if you want. It is also very important to get out of this diet in the right way, so that the overweight won’t be returned.

Breakfast: oatmeal or buckwheat porridge, boiled in water; cottage cheese or an egg.

Lunch: lean meat or baked fish and a light salad.

Dinner: 500-800 grams of watermelon.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a longer way which takes about 8-10 days. You can add two small pieces of rye bread to each meal. To secure the effect after the course it is recommended to consume low-fat carbohydrate-protein nutrition for 10 days. It includes vegetables, cereals, fish, chicken, greens, eggs, cottage cheese.

But be careful. Watermelon is not useful for everyone. Watermelon diet is contraindicated for people who suffer from diabetes, diseases of the pancreas, ulcer and gastritis, as well as soon after the abdominal operations.

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