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Diet without restrictions

Dieting is one of the best and healthy things to do if you know the procedure and one of the worst things to do if you don’t know how exactly it is to be done.  Diet doesn’t mean to stop eating all the delicious and mouth-watering food and only eat foods like cereals, grains, etc.  Diet means specific food or nutrition to consume for managing the proper health.


Here are some of the tips to make your diet plans without any restrictions

Breakfast plans

Breakfast should not be high-fat or high-calorie food that ruins your health—some protein and fiber.

  • Fruits are the best food to have in the morning. It can be added to the breakfast menu too.
  • A proper breakfast doesn’t let you down until noon. So, having a decent and healthy breakfast is a must.
  • You can also add poached eggs and toast with butter to your list. Milk and herbal tea would be appreciated as well.
  • Who’s missing out on muffins? It’s great for breakfast. You can have muffins once or twice a week.

Mid-morning snacks(brunch)

A light snack if hungry when there is at least 2 to 3 hours for lunch is acceptable. A mid-morning snack without calories can be added to the Dieting schedule, but it’s completely optional.

Breakfast plans


Lunch can be precise according to your will. For example, adding a salad to the breakfast or a healthy soup would work better.

  • It’s wrong to delete chicken options from your diet list. Roasted or baked Chicken breast would be better for lunch.
  • Lunch shouldn’t be heavy enough to make the stomach get more time to digest.
  • You can also eat vegetables and vegetable burgers to make lunch tastier.
  • Low-calorie milk and an avocado

Mid-noon snacks

  • Just like the mid-morning snack, mid-noon snacks are also optional. Let’s keep it light and simple. However, dinner is on the way in a couple of hours.

Dinner time!


  • Dinner time! It’s the best, right? Dinner can be planned according to the portion size. Adding meat or your likings on one side, few proteins, cereals, and a green salad if possible.
  • White rice can be replaced by brown rice. It doesn’t change any of the taste, and however brown rice is just healthier white rice.
  • If you have a habit of drinking, it isn’t compulsory to skip it. One glass of wine or beer or any light alcohol could be done.

Drink plenty of water to keep you resistant.It takes practice to adopt the diet method, but it will surely help in the future.

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