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Zinc for rejuvenation


Zinc is one of the most important elements for our body. It participates in all the vitally needed processes, more than in 200 enzyme systems. Its action is necessary in all cells, organs and tissues of the organism. Zinc is responsible for the normal development of the skeleton, the functioning of the pituitary hormones, normalizes fat metabolism, participates in the formation of proteins, effects on immunity.

But primarily, zinc plays a tremendous role in the synthesis of DNA and RNA, in the genetic program. It is responsible for the regeneration of tissues, those fibers which are responsible for skin elasticity; the strength of blood vessels, hair and nails, teeth and bones.

The norm of zinc content for humans is about 1400-2400 mg, daily requirement – 10-15 mg. Standard daily ration of the person contains about 13 mg of zinc, but only 5-6 mg are assimilated. About 3 mg of zinc are lost during the profuse sweating.

To be more specific about the daily requirement:

women – 12 mg;

men – 15 mg;

children – 10 mg;

pregnant women – 15 mg;

nursing mothers – 16 mg.

Zinc deficiency can lead to vision loss, bad memory, attentiveness, decreased sexual activity and even infertility. Sometimes this leads to more detrimental effects on the heart function, nervous system and other.

In addition to special drugs and vitamin supplements, we can help our body by eating foods that are rich in zinc content. These products include:

– meat of rabbits and chickens

– fillet of beef and porkzinc-foods-diet

– liver of beef and pork

– oysters

– clams

– fish

– low-fat milk

– wheat grains

– wheat bread

– pumpkin seeds

– beans

– purified rice

– hard cheeses

– eggs

– mushrooms

– nuts

– sesame seeds

– mustard

– cocoa

– green tea

In nowadays burning problems of ecology zinc is needed more than ever, since it is one of the major antioxidants. As well as zinc protects the steel from corrosion in the industry, it protects us from preterm aging.


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