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Wine diet

wine-dietI have found an interesting diet, and hasten to share with you. The name sounds very strange, since most diets prohibit alcohol because it contains a lot of calories. This diet will change your world. In this case, wine is the main component of the diet.

A diet is designed for 5 days and helps to get rid of the 5 extra kg. Adhering to a diet, you’ll consume about 574 calories a day. During this time, the body will not suffer from any stress or a lack of favorite products. This diet is well suited for the holiday period, when you can lose weight without missing cocktail parties.

The diet provides for such restrictions as a prohibition of salt, sugar and other drinks, except wine and water (even juices, coffee and tea). This will help to normalize metabolism and remove toxins from the organism.

For the diet you should choose red or pink wine. Red wine is known for its health benefits – it improves blood circulation and heart function.

The menu of wine diet is the same for all five days. It is very simple and doesn’t require any special products.

Breakfast: one hard boiled chicken egg (or 2 quail eggs).

Snack: green apple.

Lunch: 200 grams of cottage cheese or low-fat cheese and a fresh cucumber.

For dinner you should drink 200 grams of dry red wine.

You can drink water without gas in any amount.

You can repeat this diet only in 2 months. You definitely need to discuss the diet with your doctor.

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