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Why do nutritionists prohibit to lose weight in autumn?

lose weight in autumn

All physicians-gastroenterologists and nutritionists say unanimously that autumn is not the best time for slimming. Let’s find out why.

Autumn is unfavorable time for diets.

In autumn the human body is preparing for the winter period; it is literally rearranged for the cold season. This is a difficult process which also involves the accumulation and the retention of fats in the organism to keep warm. This fact does not allow us to lose weight as fast as we would have liked. On the contrary, there are people who, despite all the rules of proper nutrition, gain 2-3 kg of extra weight before winter. If weight gain is kept within the normal range, you should not worry. Over time, all the excess will be gone. Such gaining of extra kg provides a person by subcutaneous fat layer, which protects the owner from the low temperatures.

Autumn is a time of stresses and vitamin deficiency.

In autumn the weather deteriorates, the bright sun gives way to rains, and the warm summer is replaced by coldness. Many people experience vitamin deficiencydepressions and downtrodden mood during this period. You should not load the body by an additional stress, ie diet, and especially a strict one when a sharp limitation in food hits the nerves. In addition, having gained a couple of extra kilograms, the woman begins to worry about it, and it adds even more stress. And stress, as it is known, provokes a terrible famine. So take it easy – with the advent of spring all the excess will go by itself. A few extra centimeters in winter are normal!

What should we do?

Of course, autumn is not the best time to lose weight. However, you also should not gang up on the food, otherwise in spring you will have to lose weight not for 3 kg, but for 10! You may avoid the seasonal gaining of excess kg due to a reasonable ration. In other words, try to adhere to a proper nutrition throughout the year. Fast weight loss is not a useful thing in general. Each time thinking that this gorgeous dress is worth your sufferings, consider as well the fact what your body could say. Take into account the circumstances in which you decide to torture your body – is it worth risking health?

Truism still remains effective – you should not take a fancy for fatty foods, flour products and sweets in the evening. In the morning, it is better to give preference to oatmeal or complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains and fruits. During the lunchtime, choose such beneficial products as boiled meat, grilled fish, meatballs with vegetables and cereals; for dinner – only protein such as cottage cheese with slices of apple, for example. As a snack use crispbread, fruit, nuts.

Think about how to fill the stock of vitamins, but not how to get rid of excess. Be healthy!

autumn vitamins

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