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Why am I not losing weight?


When we decide to lose weight, we start consuming healthy foods and think that it is already enough. But why don’t we see the result?

We are often mistaken that healthy foods can be eaten in any quantity. Healthy products are considered as those which are beneficial for the organism and are not harmful for the figure. But it’s not true – some of them contain a lot of calories.

For example, harmless smoothies and any “green” drinks can conceal such a danger. If you add some almond milk or yogurt into them, you will get a super-high-calorie product!

In most cases, the main rule of the diet is to eliminate sugar consumption, since it promotes weight gain. It is important to remember that sugar may be hiding in those foods where seemingly it shouldn’t be. Therefore, it should be closely monitored for the amount of sugar you use. After all, sugar can be found in tomato and other sauces, bread and crackers, hummus and some cereals – such as mixtures for breakfast.

Rejection of fats is not always a right decision. We need fats, the organism can’t operate properly without them. Anyway, they should be present in our diet for healthy skin, nails, hair, what is not less important – for the normal functioning of brain and for saturating. The artificially degreased products don’t bring positive results, because they contain sugar, special sweeteners – fat substitute to improve the taste. Such products should be replaced with natural ones with necessary fat components – nuts, seeds, fatty sorts of fish, avocado; coconut, flaxseed or olive oil. Read carefully the product label when taking it from the store shelf, avoid obscure ingredients and often repeated word sugar in different variations.

In addition, don’t forget about healthy sleep. This is an important component of any diet, because the body needs to recover in proper way and gain strength, in order not to demand compensation in the form of fatty and high-calorie foods. Try to normalize your daily routine and go to bed earlier. It will be easier for you to get up in the morning and there will be time to cook the right breakfast. Good luck!

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