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Water fasting

glass of water

This type of diet is recommended for weight loss, rejuvenation, cleansing of the body, general health promotion. But an important condition is to starve properly and to monitor your well-being. The principle of water fasting is in the rejection of any food and drink only water.

Not any water is suitable for this purpose. Boiled, filtered or tap water is strictly prohibited. It is recommended to use distilled, spring water, from the wells and sources, thawed and rainwater which is collected according to the rules of sanitation and hygiene. Mineral water should be diluted with distilled in the rate of 1: 3, because of the high content of salts.

The consumption of fresh juices, tea, coffee, broth or compotes activates the digestion, so the organism won’t be able to switch to the internal power supply. Therefore, fat burning won’t occur. In addition, non-compliance can cause nervousness and headache.

You can drink water unlimited, but more often the norm should be 1.5-2.5 liters. If you suffer from heart diseases and congestive liver, as well as edema, you should reduce the dose.

Starvation on the water strengthens the body’s defense system, accelerates the recovery process, clears toxins. Thanks to the revitalization of the pituitary gland, the aging process slows down considerably.

There are no time frames for such a regime. Timing depends on individual endurance and state of health. If you have never practiced fasting before, it is recommended to start with periodical one-day hunger strike within a month.

On average, 2-4 days of water fasting will help you to get rid of 1 kg of fat.  2-3 courses per year for 4-5 days of such a regime will help to cure allergy, asthma, disorders of biliary excretion. Best results can be achieved in 2-3 weeks of continuous compliance to the regime.

You should be very cautious returning to the normal nutrition. During the first days it is forbidden to eat meat, fish, eggs, salt, coffee, mushrooms, meat and fish broth, alcohol. The system in this case is in the following – how many days you were starving, so many days lasts the special regime of getting out of the hunger strike.

If you were starving one day as a beginner, you should eat fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, cereals with a minimal amount of oil, cheese, stale bread or bread dietary – all in small portions.

If you were starving for three days, you need to eat for three days soaked prunes and figs, grated carrot and cabbage, buckwheat or oat porridge, vegetable soup, mashed potatoes, steamed or boiled vegetables, fresh or baked apples, cucumbers, kefir, yogurt, crackers and cereal loaves. On the second and third days the menu can be supplemented with 20 grams of butter and a cup of walnuts. It is recommended to drink fresh juices diluted with water, green and white tea, decoction of mint, rose, hypericum, chamomile and other herbs. Don’t use sugar.  It is allowed to replace it with honey. If fasting lasts longer than 3 days, the first 2-4 days you should consume juices, vegetable broth, herbal infusions. You can eat meat 2-3 times a week. It is recommended to eat slowly, chewing well, in small portions.

It is to be noted, that water fasting up to 3 days won’t cleanse the body much. Weight loss will be temporary. But it will be a positive influence to the digestive tract. If you stick to the three day schedule of starvation every 2-2.5 months, your figure will be significantly improved.

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