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Vitamin C

Vitamin-CVitamin C is one of the most necessary for our body. It is a powerful antioxidant that reduces the oxidative stress and protects the body from the negative effects of free radicals from the skin aging to cancer.

The daily requirement for vitamin C is 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women. One orange contains about 70 mg of vitamin C. Unfortunately, this vitamin is water soluble and the body can not store it. Therefore, we need to eat foods rich in vitamin C regularly. It is especially important in early spring, for the prevention of colds and avitaminosis.

This is an important component that is necessary for the hematopoiesis, regulates blood coagulation and permeability of capillaries. In the case of lack of vitamin C, the walls of blood vessels are affected first; then, deterioration of vision, decreased resistance to infection, thickening and stratification of nails, brittle hair. An extreme manifestation of lack of vitamin C is scurvy.

We know that citrus fruits are rich in this vitamin. Let’s see what other products, except citrus, are rich in vitamin C. Or even have a higher content.

Vitamin C is found in many fresh fruits: in whole grain cereals, vegetables and fruits, greenery and berries. The richest products in vitamin C are parsley and dill, dried fruits of dogwood, tomatoes grown in open ground in the sun, currants (black and red), all kinds of cereals.

Yellow bell pepper is a vegetable low in calories and rich in vitamin C. Just half a cup of yellow pepper contains 155 mg of vitamin C, which is much more than our daily need. Red bell pepper also contains vitamin C, but slightly less than yellow – 190 mg per cup.

A half cup of chili peppers contains about 108 mg of vitamin C. The chili pepper also contains the compound capsaicin, which relieves pain in joints.

One cup of guava contains 377 mg of vitamin C. It is 4 times more than the daily requirement of vitamin C for men and 5 times higher than the daily need of this vitamin for women.

One half of a large papaya contains 238 mg of vitamin C. It is also a rich source of protein and vitamin A.

A small head of cauliflower contains about 128 mg of vitamin C. One cup of broccoli contains about 82 mg of vitamin C.

One cup of exotic fruit kiwi contains 167 mg of vitamin C. It is also rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium, zinc, folic acid and vitamin K.

One mango contains 122 mg of vitamin C. This fruit is also rich in fiber and vitamin A.

Pineapples contain about 80 mg of vitamin C. This is more than in one orange, though one portion of citrus has a higher nutrient content.

Strawberries contain about the same amount of vitamin C as oranges. However, they are also rich in vegetative anthocyanins, which help us to burn stored fat.

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