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Vegetarian diet


The main point of the vegetarian diet is to eliminate the products of animal origin and get protein, vitamins and amino acids from plant or lacto-vegetarian food.

Such vegetarian diet helps to clean the intestines from harmful toxins, boost mood and tone of the body. Vegetarian dishes take the first place among diets. They have fewer calories and fat, and are absorbed more easily. But if you are accustomed to meat products, don’t switch to the vegetarian style very suddenly. It is recommended to change your ration rather gradually because the organism needs time to get used to the other food, other substances. So you should change your usual menu within two weeks.

The use of vegetable food should be balanced. Thus, instead of animal protein you should consume vegetable protein: eat more legumes, nuts and cauliflower. It is recommended to drink plenty of fluids as in any other diet. It’s not necessarily to exclude all sweet from your ration, but still try not to get involved in such products.

This diet lasts 4 weeks and promotes weight loss for 6 – 10 pounds.

Here are some rules for the everyday menu:

– low-fat milk, as an additive for tea or coffee – 250 ml

– mineral water without gas – in any amount

– a glass of dry wine

The approximate menu:

Breakfast: 15-20 minutes before meals, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of water with the juice of ½ lemon, sweetened with sugar substitute or a teaspoon of honey. 30 grams of sugar-free dry cereal, a salad made of one apple, orange, melon slices, raspberries, blueberries – for your choice.

Snack: something sweet: a few stripes of chocolate, biscuits, but not much

Lunch: vegetable salad and two variants

– 200 grams of potatoes in skin with the addition of 10 grams of margarine and 15 grams of hard cheese;

– 50 grams of shrimp and pasta seasoned with tomato sauce with garlic and herbs.

Snack: apple or pear.

Dinner: vegetables, stewed or steam, without the addition of butter and some variants:

– 150 grams of fish baked in foil with onions, drizzled with lemon juice;

– 125 grams of boiled beans and a toast with bran and whole grains;

– stewed cauliflower with cheese sauce (12 grams of margarine, dessert spoon of flour, 250 milliliters of milk, 25 grams of hard cheese);

– 75 grams of pasta with 75 grams of shrimp or tuna with tomato sauce, garlic and greens.

Vegetarianism is not a diet but a lifestyle. But this diet will help you not only to lose extra pounds but also improve your health.

Good luck!

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