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Vegetarian diet for 3 days

vegetarian dietThe best option for slimming – is consumption of fruits and vegetables. There is a more quick way than vegetarianism as a lifestyle. A diet. It is fast and is designed only for 3 days. The first and the third days – vegetable. And between them – a fruit day.

Thus, you do not have to be a vegetarian to lose weight by 3 kg without meat. The lack of meat products won’t harm the body, and you will see the effect immediately – successful losing of a few kilos in 3 days.

Vegetable day

Breakfast: any vegetable juice (carrot for example), four baked tomatoes, green tea with lemon. You can add 100 ml of juice of celery stalks to the carrot juice. We all know that celery is incredibly useful and will enhance the effect of weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and excretion of toxins from the body.

Lunch: salad from fresh cucumbers and green onions. Instead of onions you can add any lettuce. Then drink a cup of natural black coffee or green tea with lemon for the tone and vigor.

Dinner: seasonal steamed or boiled vegetables, cooked without salt, green tea with lemon.

Fruit day

Breakfast: fruit salad of apples, half of orange and one grapefruit, peeled from the shells,   a cup of natural black coffee or green tea with lemon.

Lunch and dinner: half a small melon, fruit salad.

The third day – repeat the menu of the vegetable day and see positive results! Good luck!

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