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Variegated diet

Variegated dietIt’s hard to say why this diet is called that way. However, the variegated diet is an effective way to lose weight, regardless of the name, that is exactly what we need.

The diet is designed for a week and promises you to lose weight 4-6 kg, but be prepared to limit yourself strictly enough. At the same time, it is recommended to to spend more time outdoors and be sure to get enough sleep. Also be careful, such a diet is only suitable for the perfectly healthy adults.

As always, the standard recommendations on the fluids during weight loss – you should drink normal drinking or mineral water, green or herbal tea at least 1.5-2 liters per day. Before going to bed it is advisable to drink a decoction of mint.

There are two options for the menu; they are quite brief because limited. You can choose the one that suits you most.

The first version of the week

Day 1 – 0.5 kg of vegetables, any except potatoes. Eat them in raw, baked or boiled form without salt.

Day 2 – 100 grams of any meat, fried or baked without fat and salt.

Day 3 – boil 6 eggs to eat during the day, without salt.

Day 4 – 400 grams of lean beef or veal boiled without salt (you can add vegetables spices).

Day 5 – 400 grams of any boiled fish.

Day 6 – 1 kg of any fruit.

Day 7 – 1 kg of any fruit.

The second variant of the week (not so starving)

Day 1 – 1.5 liters of low-fat milk or kefir.

Day 2 – 500 grams of boiled beef, 2 tomatoes, 2 sweet peppers, 2 cucumbers.

Day 3 – 1 liter of curdled milk or 500 grams of low fat cottage cheese.

Day 4 – 0.6 kg of vegetables.

Day 5 – 0.4 kg of boiled freshwater fish, canned peas or beans, 2 baked apples.

Day 6 – 1.6 kg of fruit.

Day 7 – 1.6 kg of fruit.

The diet is not recommended to be repeated more than once in 1.5 months. Again, this is a strict diet and it’s hard to stick to it. But if you have an urgent need to lose weight and you are ready to make any sacrifice, then I wish you success!

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