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Variations of fasting days

Fasting days

  1. Fruity

The most popular and easiest option – fruity. You will need 1.5 kg of fresh fruit. Choose any except bananas. Divide this amount into 5-6 meals and eat at any time of the day.

  1. Kefiric

This fasting day is well known and effective. Kefiric fasting day is easily tolerated by the organism and normalizes the intestines. The essence is to drink only 1.5 liters of kefir per day.

  1. Apple

During the day you can eat 1.5 kg of raw or baked not sweet apples.

  1. Cucumber

An expected menu – 1.5 kg of cucumbers. You need to divide this amount by 5 servings. You can eat them alone or make salads; it is allowed to season the cucumbers with greenery.

  1. Protein

The permitted products include low-fat meat and fish products, vegetable proteins (such as beans). You can vary your menu with the help of fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, greens), and even add a little salt. You should eat every 4-5 hours.

  1. Rice

In the rice day you need to take 150 grams of unpolished rice and boil without salt. Next, divide the amount into 3 portions. You have a permission to lightly salt the porridge, or add a pinch of cinnamon. In addition, you can eat an apple, sweet pepper, carrot. All will be for the good!

  1. Cheese and eggs

Menu of such a fasting day is in the following:

Breakfast – a cup of black coffee with or without sugar, 100 grams of cheese.

Lunch – a cup of tea with or without sugar, two soft-boiled eggs.

Dinner – a cup of tea, 200 grams of cheese.

  1. Milk

If you have a positive attitude to such drinks like milk, this option will suit you. You should drink 100 ml of milk 6 times a day every 2 hours. Before going to sleep you need to drink 200 grams of fruit juice with sugar.

  1. Buckwheat and kefir

For this fasting day, you will need a liter of kefir (one percent of fatness). In the evening, you should soak 200-250 grams of buckwheat groats in boiling water (important – without salt, fat and spices). Put it into a warm place until morning. Just one liter of kefir and 250 grams of buckwheat (weight before cooking) – this is your menu for the day, which must be eaten in 3-5 receptions.

  1. Carrots, beets, eggs

You see from the name what foods you should prepare, at the rate of – 300 grams of carrots, 300 grams of beets and 2 eggs. Carrots should be grated and seasoned with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Beets should be boiled, grated and seasoned with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Then, boil the eggs and eat these foods in 5 receptions.

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