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Tips for slimming


The first thought which comes to mind in order to lose weight, you must eat less or go on a hunger strike at all. This is not quite right, or is rather completely wrong! The body must be fed in any case, the question is, what products you should use.

Many people tend to exclude fat from the ration. But it is necessary for us, just take it in moderation. You can find an analogue for favorite foods with lower fat and not torture yourself.

If you can’t live without sweet, replace chocolates and cakes by marshmallows or marmalade. They don’t contain fats, but are tasty anyway. Try to replace mayonnaise or sour cream, which you need to fill salads, by yogurt; your favorite premium ice cream by lactic one; use rye bread instead of white. So, you will replace harmful products for useful ones.

Also, the proper cooking will help you reduce the amount of fat in foods. Use cookware with non-stick coating, as the products get a lot of fat when fried with oil. Use steamed food or cook meals in foil in the oven. It is more useful than frying in a skillet. The poultry meat will be less fat, if you remove the skin before cooking. If you start a meal with a salad, you will forget the feeling of hunger very soon. Include fish and dairy products into your ration. You will not want to eat for a long time, because these products are digested pretty slowly.

Also don’t forget the seasonal features. In summer we have freer access to vitamins in fruits and fresh vegetables, and this is enough for us. But in winter, we need meat and bread to fill the body with energy. It’s necessary to listen to the body and to satisfy its needs. However, it knows best what would be useful. But at the same time, there are always several ways to cheat it or correct its requirements!

You can afford a piece of cake, but remove the fat cream before eating it. If you love cottage cheese, choose the low-fat one. If you monitor your nutrition using such simple tips, you won’t need any special diets to keep yourself in good shape and feel healthy.

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