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The two-day diet

The two-day dietIf you expect a party or responsible meeting, and you want to wear your favorite tight-fitting dress, this diet will definitely help you. Hard to believe, but in a couple of days it is quite possible to lose a few extra kilos. The two-day diet will also help to cleanse the body and return the bowel work into the usual rhythm after celebratory feasts.

A few basic rules on nutrition. Don’t plan for these two days any events requiring great effort. Try to avoid long walks, trips, get-togethers with friends. You should drink about a liter of filtered or mineral water per day, it is about eight glasses. This diet is undesirable for people with diseases of liver and kidneys. If you fear for your health, please consult your doctor.

So, the essence of diet is in the following.

Before going to bed you must drink a decoction of senna or take 2 laxative pills.

During the next two days you should consume only kefir (six to eight glasses). If this fermented milk product doesn’t suit you, you can choose the other variations of nutrition for two days.

Two rice days:

Two or three fresh tomatoes, or two or three tablespoons of apple jelly, and 250 grams of rice without salt and oil.

Two potato days:

Potatoes, boiled in their jackets without salt or mashed with vegetable oil. It is not difficult to eat five or six potatoes every day, and not harmful to the body.

Two vegetable days:

Every day you should eat 1.5 kilograms of fresh or stewed vegetables (without oil).

It’s only two days, so it’s not so hard comply such a regime. You should not repeat such a diet more often than once a week. Stay healthy!

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