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The hourly diet

The hourly dietThe hourly diet is created especially for those who can strictly adhere to time-based system of nutrition. If you have the willpower and flexible work schedule, this variant will suit you!

The duration of the hourly diet is one month. During this time, you can lose up to 7 kg of excess weight.

The basic principles of this diet are in the following. During the first five days you need to eat every two hours, the next ten days – eat as usual. It is important to limit the use of sweet and starchy foods. The main essence of this diet is in alternating of five days of diet with ten days of nutrition in the normal mode. Such nutrition ensures that extra weight will go away forever, so the result will be fixed.

The approximate menu №1:

7:00 – a cup of coffee or green tea

9:00 – a salad of fresh vegetables (carrots, cabbage, beets)

11:00 – one fruit (apple, pear, a handful of apricots)

13:00 – a small amount of steamed vegetables, 100 grams of dietary meat or fish

15:00 – 100 grams of cottage cheese, or cheese

17:00 – a salad of fresh vegetables (carrots, cabbage, beets)

19:00 – a handful of dried fruit (prunes or apricots)

21:00 – a glass of low-fat kefir or sour milk.

The approximate menu №2:

7:00 – a cup of tea, coffee or milk

9:00 – a salad of fresh carrots with raisins, seasoned with vegetable oil

11:00 – any fruit

13:00 – 120 grams of boiled meat or steam fish, a piece of corn bread with butter

15:00 – 1 boiled egg or 100 grams of solid cheese

17:00 – 120 grams of salad from fresh vegetables, dressed with olive oil

19:00 – 10 pieces of dried apricots (prunes) or nuts

21:00 – a glass of kefir

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