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The 5:2 fast diet

Everyone who wants to lose weight is afraid to give up favorite foods. More precisely, it seems very complicated, and in fact it is really difficult. This diet will suit all those who can’t exclude habitual meals from the ration.

This diet was invented by the British physician and scientific journalist Michael Mosley. What makes it good? Its simplicity and flexibility captivate us, since we do not need to starve ourselves! The author proposes to eat everything what you want and lose weight at the same time. Is not it magic?!

Dr Michael Mosley

This system of nutrition is called the fast diet 5:2. Many movie stars and celebrities from the world of show-business use it to keep themselves in perfect shape, and even restaurants and cafes around the world include the system of fasting days according to the “5:2” into their menu.

The essence of the diet 5:2 is in the following: five days per week are customary – you eat what you want, and two days are fasting days. At the same time, you do not have to starve or eat only one product as in the mono-diet. You just reduce the consumed number of calories to the amount of 500 kcal for women, and 600 kcal for men. As a result, for a week your calorie intake is reduced by approximately 3000 kcal (per 2000 kcal per day). Important to note that the fasting days shouldn’t be sequential (Friday, Saturday), they need to be “scattered” within the week (Monday, Thursday).

How does it work?

This weight loss method is not new, and in fact nutritionists have long used it. They argue that it allows you to speed up the metabolism and consequently – the process of slimming. You can really lose 20 kg in six months with the help of this diet without prejudice to health. The point is that such a surprise in the form of fasting days is a useful stress for the organism, due to which it does not hoard up but spends fat stores.

fast-diet-5-2British journalist Mimi Spencer, who has devoted many years to the topic of diets and nutrition of celebrities, has tested the technique of Michael Mosley for herself and successfully. Later, they co-wrote the book “Fast diet”, which became a bestseller in many countries.

For the beginners, Mimi Spencer strongly encourages to limit the amount of fasting days to one day, and for those who want to increase the speed of the weight loss – stretch up to 3 days. If it is very hard for you, you can begin to starve once in 10 days. Yet, it can’t be called starvation.

The main condition in the fasting days is to withstand a break between food intakes to 12 hours, because the most useful for weight loss processes begin to occur just during the “pause”. Only in a few hours without a snack our body can switch from accumulation mode to fat-burning mode. This is due to the fact that during a meal the blood insulin level increases, and the body goes into the fat accumulation mode.

The ideal variant – breakfast at 7 am, dinner at 7 pm. But this is not an indispensable condition. You can eat your daily rate of calories per meal, in the morning or in the evening.

Menu for the fasting days


protein foods: meat, fish, cottage cheese

useful carbohydrates: fruits (citrus, apples), berries, oatmeal

clean water without gas: 1.5-2 liters of water per day – Avoid dehydration

Acceptable: tea or black coffee without sugar

Prohibited: sugar, sweets, foods rich in starch (such as cereals and potatoes), fatty and fried foods, fast food, alcohol

By the way, if during such a diet you exercise regularly, you will begin to lose weight with a good speed. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, the weight will decrease very slowly – 2-3 kg per month.

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