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Tea for eternal youth

Tea for eternal youth

Description of tea recipe for the acquisition of eternal youth has been found in the Tibetan treatises. It has been translated into many languages, and many times tested since then. However, you will need herbs that are commonly used not only in the Tibetan medicine. They have long been known and tested by many generations for treatment of various diseases.

Thus, the recipe is in the following. You should take 100 grams of St. John’s wort, 100 grams of chamomile, 100 grams of Helichrysum and turn into powder. Mix and store this mixture in glass or enameled utensils in a dry form.

In the evening, boil 0.5 liters of water, pour into it a tablespoon of the mixture, infuse for 20 minutes and strain. Pour the liquid into a glass, put a teaspoon of honey. It is recommended to drink this infusion after dinner.

In the morning, you should warm up a second cup of the tea on a steam bath, add a teaspoon of honey and drink after breakfast. After that, you can’t eat or drink anything up to dinner.

The methodology involves a repetition of such a tea drinking every day, until the end of the mixture. Presumably, such a mixture will be enough for six weeks.

The next time you can use this recipe a few years later. This is an incredibly useful procedure that helps to improve metabolism, cleanse blood vessels from fat and lime deposits, as well as to make them more flexible. You will forget about the noise in the head, improve your vision and feel the improvement of your overall state of health. This drink is able to prevent stroke, heart attack and hypertension.

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