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Summer slimming

Summer slimming

We have already touched the topics of summer diets and nutrition many times. I want to offer one more diet, because the summer is in full swing, and a good figure is always needed!

This diet is specially designed for summer and contains 1200 kcal. The diet is low-calorie, so you can use it as a long-term weight loss diet and as for the fasting days. Its ration is well balanced and will not harm your health.


It is best to start your morning with favorite fruit – choose any 5 fruit.


Lunch will be more satisfying. For this purpose take a quarter of a boiled chicken. Instead of it, you can also choose from the following products:

2 pieces of chicken breast;

fish (desirable tuna), an egg;

250 grams of cottage cheese, an egg.

It is allowed to use vegetables without restriction. You can eat them in any way of cooking.


For the afternoon snack take 2 fruit or a piece of dietary bread with honey or jam.


For dinner, cook rice or pasta. Also, you can use hot and cold salads, and soups without restriction. It is recommended to use more spices, it will give piquancy to your dishes and feeling of fullness will come quickly.

You can swap dinner and lunch.  The interval between the meals should not be less than 2 hours.

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