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Summer nutrition


Summer is coming very soon, and no matter where you are, your body feels it. Any changes in the nature influence the work of our bodies. The rhythm of life and the length of the day change in summer. Therefore, the nutrition also must be different – the body needs a lot of moisture and minimum of calories. And by the way, it is the easiest way to lose weight in summer. The organism requires light foods and a lot of water during this time. Consequently, the most correct thing we can do – to listen to it.

But some tips still exist. In summer, the calorie content of the entire nutrition should be reduced for at least 12-17%. Further, the daily menu should contain 55% of protein, half of them must be of vegetable origin; 17% of carbohydrates and 28% of fats – only one third of them can be of animal origin.

Heavy dishes should be used early in the morning or late in the evening. Lunch must include vegetable or fruit salads and plenty of fluids. It is desirable to have breakfast at 6-7 am, lunch at 11-11.30 and dinner at 18-19 hours. At 8-9 pm you can drink kefir, unsweetened yogurt or eat some cottage cheese.

It is recommended to abandon pastry and flour products, fatty, fried, smoked, pickled, spicy and salty foods, white bread should be replaced with grain loaves.

Summer is the best time to switch to the fruit! Regular consumption of fruits can help to quench the thirst – melon consists of water for 91%, strawberry – 90%, papaya – 89%, grapefruit – 88%, oranges – 86%. In addition, they help to fill the organism with microelements and vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, C and PP. They come out of the body through sweat. It is recommended to drink fresh juices, fruit drinks, smoothies, herbal teas.

Salt should be used minimally. It retains fluids in the body, and consumption of water always increases in the heat.

In addition to fruit, the main products for the whole season should be vegetables and greens. Although you can cook a variety of dishes from vegetables such as ragout or soups, it is still recommended to eat them in fresh form and reject fat seasoning; you can sprinkle the salad with citrus juice, low-fat sour cream or light oil.

It is also necessary to add dairy products into the summer nutrition – yogurt, kefir fermented baked milk, clabber, cottage cheese. These products will promote digestion and saturate the organism with moisture.

The fluid intake is very important. At air temperature of 20 ° C, you should drink at least 2.5 liters, and at a higher temperature – 3.5 liters. It is necessary to drink little but often – pure and mineral unsalted water without gas, fresh juices, unsweetened green tea. Alcohol is not forbidden, but at least it should be maximally limited.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself!

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