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Summer diet

summer dietThis diet is suitable not only for summer; it is easy to adhere to it in warm months. Fruits and vegetables are more useful during the harvest time and are more available. The diet is designed for a week, and it is not very easy, but effective.

The principle of the diet is in the following: you choose fruits and vegetables that you love the most and eat them during the day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it is important, at the end of the diet you shouldn’t rush to eat fat and sweet. Try to eat rationally. You can use this diet once a month. This will help you to keep fit and lose weight by 3-4 kg.

Every day of the diet is different.

The first day – vegetable day. You can eat fresh vegetables in any quantity during the day. Also, you should drink plenty of mineral water.

The second day – fruit. The whole day you should eat only your favorite fruit. Divide them in 4 – 5 meals and eat the bigger part for lunch. If it won’t be enough for you and you will feel hungry, it is allowed to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or eat yogurt without fruit additives.

The third day – berry. As you can guess, you don’t eat anything but berries in this day and drink only mineral water. But be careful, too much berries can cause indigestion.

The fourth day – fermented milk. Choose any fermented drink and consume in small sips throughout the day. If you have a strong feeling of hunger, it is allowed to eat a bit of low-fat cottage cheese with a little sugar.

The fifth day – again vegetable. Just like on the first day, eat only vegetables (try not to eat the same vegetables) and drink mineral water.

The sixth day – berries again. It is advisable to choose other berries. Be sure to drink a full glass of kefir before bedtime.

The seventh day – juices. It is the most difficult day in the diet. Throughout the day you should drink only juice – apple, grape or orange – for your choice, and nothing more.

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