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Starch diet

Starch dietStarch diet was invented by John A. McDougall, MD, from the University of Hawaii. He dared to break down the stereotypes and to offer his patients to completely abandon animal protein. In his opinion, it helps to lose weight and speed up metabolism. He and kitchen-savvy wife claim that this type of diet is able to prevent and even cure a variety of diseases.

The research of the famous nutritionist has shown that the human body easier internalizes exactly the starchy foods. This is completely an atypical system of nutrition. It is suitable for those who do not suffer from a lack of animal protein.

This nutrition envisages the rejection of:

  • Any kind of meat;
  • Eggs;
  • Fish and caviar;
  • Dairy products.

Be careful – the organism can face a serious vitamin B12 deficiency. For the whole period of the diet you need to be ready to take vitamins for strict vegans. It is worth noting that the World Health Organization considers this diet unbalanced and does not approve its ration.

According to the rules of this diet, you should take into account that your menu should consist of whole grains, legumes and potatoes for 70%, for 20% of vegetables and 10% of the fruit. It is strictly forbidden to use processed foods and concentrates, baked goods, sweets of industrial preparation (except dried fruits).

Approximate menu:

Breakfast: oatmeal with any fruit cooked on water without added butter

Snack: 10-20 grams of nuts or sunflower seeds

Lunch: vegetable salad, a portion of boiled potatoes

Snack: 1 apple or banana

Dinner: a portion of boiled lentils with rice and vegetables, without added oil.

Many nutritionists recommend using such a system of nutrition only as an unloading method after fests with fatty meats. Be careful, long-term use of the diet can be fraught with slowing of metabolism.

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