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Spring slimming

Today, on International Women’s Day, we rejoice the coming of spring. Every spring we suddenly remember that summer is coming soon! And this “news” scares us because we have gained a lot of extra kilos during the winter. Or not a lot… But even these people are worried about the beach season.

So, if you belong to any category of such people, and have already decided to go on a diet in order to meet the summer in great shape, I offer you the following one.

The first thing we need to understand is that the organism has already undergone certain “troubles” during the winter – a long time it suffered from lack of the necessary vitamins and minerals. Therefore, we need to lose weight very carefully, because the new restrictions can bring unpleasant consequences. For example as Garcinia Cambogia helps digestion – naturally and easily. In fact, slimming in spring is a natural process for our body. In winter we accumulate to bask, and in the spring we get rid of unnecessary. It only remains to help the body to tune to the right direction!

Spring is time when you should move from hot and dense food, which is so necessary in winter, to light and warm (but not cold). Light foods include cooked vegetables, boiled beef, chicken, fish, kefir and cottage cheese. Heavy food: pork, lamb, beef, high-melting cheeses; spicy, salty and smoked products.

Of course do not forget about fresh vegetables, but do not rush to buy everything you see. It is important to remember, vegetables are useful in the harvest season, so it’s worth to wait a little when such vegetables will appear in the market: parsley, dill, green onion, green salad.

These are the common recommendations for spring nutrition. What about the following diet I can say that this system of nutrition suggests eating vegetables in reasonable quantities, as well as fruit. It should be remembered that bananas are not desirable as well as the other sweet fruits. Dairy products should be necessarily not fatty. Before each meal you should drink 1 glass of mineral water. Among the other drinks are allowed: water, mineral water and green tea.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast – 125 grams of cottage cheese, a couple of crackers or toast with a spoonful of honey, tea or coffee without sugar.

Snack – a couple of fruits and green vegetables.

Lunch – any soup, boiled meat or chicken breast without skin, 3 tablespoons of green peas and fresh vegetables.

Snack – a couple of crackers or toast, vegetables seasoned with 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and 125 grams of cottage cheese.

Dinner – a couple of fruits and nonfat yogurt.

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