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Spring diet


Spring is a blooming time, time of the first warmth of the sun, time of the lovely birdsong and time of tears over your shape. The organism has been accumulating nutrients for the whole winter, and in spring we are faced with a problem to lose all that extra pounds which we don’t need for now. All of us want to receive a perfect look before summer. So, let’s see how we can reach such desired changes.

The proposed diet won’t shock you, it is very simple, but effective, and promises to lose about 3 pounds in less than 10 days. It won’t bring you any inconvenience, and at the same time it will clear the organism and return a feeling of lightness! The first rule of this diet is to drink a glass of mineral water before each meal. You can eat any vegetables and fruits except bananas. It is also recommended to eliminate sugar, soda and pastry. The dairy products should be low-fat, up to 3%. The best part of this diet for me, that it doesn’t exclude chocolate and coffee!

So, you can start your day with 125 grams of cottage cheese, you can add some berries if you want, a salad of fresh vegetables, a couple of crisp bread, tea or coffee without sugar. For the snack-time you can take any fruit and a salad again. Try to use green vegetables – lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers. Lunch may include soup or vegetable broth, white chicken meat served with green peas, fresh vegetable salad. For afternoon snack you can repeat the breakfast set – 125 grams of cottage cheese, a couple of crisp bread, vegetables sprinkled with 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Dinner – salad of fresh vegetables with squids and chicken fillet, a glass of kefir. Instead of squids you can take shrimps or codfish. For the alternative dinner you can use green peas, beans, stewed bell pepper and carrots, tea with dark chocolate.

I hope you will succeed!

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