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Spinach diet

spinach dietSpinach is a perfect source of youth and health. We have already proved this fact – its properties are of great value to humans. It’s time to learn how to use this product for weight loss, as we gather here exactly for this purpose. We all remember that this vegetable is low in calories and high in nutrients, so it is possible to use it in diets and it is a rather popular way of slimming by the way.

Even if you don’t like diets but still want to become leaner, it will be just enough to eat three servings of this greenery per week! Of course, it is desirable to use spinach in salads or fruit and vegetable drinks, but the other recipes will also come in handy in the pursuit of a slim figure. Especially since the spinach helps to get rid of cellulite. Therefore, with the help of spinach you can not only become slimmer, but also to tighten your skin.

The proposed spinach diet is designed for three days, and during this time you can lose weight by five kilos. So, stick to the following menu.

The first day:

Breakfast: an apple baked in the oven and a bit of cottage cheese;

Lunch: a few potatoes baked in the oven with carrots and spinach;

Snack: salad from berries or fruit;

Dinner: boiled veal or chicken with the addition of spinach and carrots.

The second day:

Breakfast: salad of eggs and any greens (including spinach);

Lunch: corn porridge with greens;

Snack: chicken breast with spinach;

Dinner: a green apple and a glass of natural yogurt.

The third day:

Breakfast: salad of carrots seasoned with lemon juice;

Lunch: vegetable pilaf (of course, the dish should be low fat);

Snack: vegetable cream soup;

Dinner: boiled seafood or fish with vegetables and spinach.

Permitted drinks: fruit drinks, smoothies, pure water and herbal teas.

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