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Sophia Loren diet

SophiaHow to keep yourself in shape for all life? Sofia Loren – a perfect example of a woman who can boast of an excellent figure in 80 years! What’s her secret? She, like all Italians, loves to eat and doesn’t limit himself in meal at all.

Her philosophy of life is simple enough – not to overeat and not to gain weight. Sofia Loren eats in small portions and her ration includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, without refusing of favorite foods. She doesn’t admit snacks. She doesn’t smoke, drinks only fresh juices and eats freshly prepared food.

However, this is not all. Each month, she adheres to a three-day diet, which over the years has repeatedly proven its effectiveness. The essence of the diet is a strict control calories. An important condition – to exclude cream and cheese sauces, and replace them with vegetable options. The basis of the diet is, of course, pasta! After all, this Italian can’t imagine her life without it, but necessarily made of durum wheat.

Menu for three days:

First day

Breakfast: 150 grams of orange juice, boiled egg.

Lunch: vegetable salad, 100 grams of baked turkey with cheese.

Dinner: 130 grams of pasta with shrimps, spinach salad. Use olive oil during cooking shrimps. For dessert you can eat a peach.

Second day

Breakfast: muesli with skim milk (in total you should receive a portion of a standard cup).

Lunch: salad of vegetables and cheese.

Dinner: 130 grams of pasta with chicken fillet, green salad. For dessert you can eat a pear.

Third day

Breakfast: toast with low-fat cheese.

Lunch: 120 grams of salad with chicken.

Dinner: 150 g of lasagna (cheese should be low-fat), green salad. For dessert you can eat an apple.

But this diet is not the only secret of this delightful woman. Every morning she begins with light exercise. Every day her menu includes a portion of yogurt with brewer’s yeast, one time in two days – a pineapple. Furthermore, the mandatory rule of the actress – a daily cold shower that is very useful for maintaining the shape of the breast. In addition, she doesn’t go to bed earlier 11 pm that in her opinion is very important for the beauty of skin.

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