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Salt-free diet

no-saltSalt-free diet is a popular weight loss method. This diet is not very strict, but effective and gives good results. Salt is an indispensable product in cooking. It gives a special taste to a dish. But whether is it useful? Of course not. Very often, salt is the cause of excess weight. It has the ability to hold fluid in the body, thereby decelerating metabolism. Salt-free diet is aimed at solving this problem.

Incidentally, this method of nutrition does not exclude the salt completely, but only limits its intake. It is wrong to abandon the salt completely, as this leads to a shortage of sodium in the body. Lack of sodium, in its turn can lead to heart problems. Another advantage of this diet is that it reduces cellulite deposits. This is due to the withdrawal of excess fluid and improving metabolism in tissues.

So, the essence of a salt-free diet is as follows. The ration of any diet suggests healthy foods. This diet includes such products as dark and gray bread, boiled lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, eggs. At the same time, the diet eliminates eating pickled and smoked foods, sausages, mayonnaise, chips and sweets. Nutrition should be fractional – five times a day, in small portions.

You can add some salt into dishes, but in small amounts and already after it is cooked. Nutritionists say that the finished dish requires a smaller amount of salt for the taste sensations than during the cooking process. During the first days you won’t be comfortable, because we are all accustomed to the salty foods. However, after a few days the organism gets used, and begins to distinguish the taste of the products, and not spices.

Salt-free diet doesn’t have time limits – you can stick to it long enough. But of course, it is important to monitor your state of health. If you feel any discomfort or deterioration of health, the diet should be immediately terminated. At observance of all rules of the diet, you can lose up to 10 kilograms of excess weight. According to the reviews about this diet, you will get used to the moderate use of salt and won’t to go back to the previous regime of nutrition.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast: cottage cheese and tea

Snack: banana and apple

Lunch: boiled meat, buckwheat, vegetable salad; baked apples for the dessert

Snack: herbal tea with salt-free bread

Dinner: baked potatoes, green salad

Your dinner should be no later than two hours before bedtime.

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