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Rules of cleansing the body

NRules of cleansing the bodyot all diets are focused on starvation, some of them are capable primarily to give benefits to the organism and purify it. There are two types of the cleansing diets. The medical cleansing diets can be assigned only by physician, and are intended to help with the diseases of certain organs – kidney, liver, pancreas; ulcers and gastritis.

Also, there are common health diets. They are even not diets, but some kind of a set of rules of healthy eating. These recommendations help to cleanse the body from all the harmful and unnecessary substances, and to lose weight at the same time.

The main rule of this diet – eat less. After all, this is not a discovery that it is recommended to finish the meal with a slight feeling of hunger. The feeling of fullness comes not at once, but overeating can become the cause of slagging of the organism. The following rule – do not mix the meals. It will be more correct be limited to one or two snacks, and to try the rest ones next time.

During the cleansing diet, avoid all canned and semi-finished products. Best products are natural foods. Vegetables and fruits are better to eat in their raw form, and everything else should be steamed or boiled. Also, you should choose foods high in vitamins C and E, which strengthen the immune system.

These rules are known to all. But there are basic, the most important points which should be followed without fail when cleaning the body.

1. Do not starve. Medical starvation is possible only under the medical supervision, and it is completely a separate procedure. The body thinks hard times have come, and begins to accumulate nutrients in the form of excess fat. The objective of a balanced cleansing diet is to stabilize weight and regain your wellness.

2. Listen to your body. If the chosen cleansing diet offers products that you don’t like, you should find another option. Perhaps certain foods just do not fit you because of allergies or other incompatibilities. You should always take into account the individual characteristics of your body, instead of blindly following the system of the diet.

3. Do not forget about vitamins. You should carefully monitor what foods, or rather vitamins, don’t enter the organism during the special restrictions of the matched nutrition. Diet can upset the balance of vitamins in the body and remove needed nutrients. But you should not appoint mono vitamins for yourself without consulting a physician.

These recommendations are very simple, but the most important thing is to follow them. Stay healthy!

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