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“Roller coaster”

roller coaster dietThe organism is capable to adapt to any conditions, to any diet. By reducing the amount of dietary calories, the body reduces power inputs on basal metabolism. This leads to the cessation of weight loss, and the return to the usual diet – to the set of the previous excess weight. This diet is a special system of nutrition that doesn’t allow your organism to readjust. It is based on a sudden change of calorie intake and reduction of the consumption of pure fats. Therefore, it was called “roller coaster”.

Processing of proteins and carbohydrates into fat requires that our organism spends a certain amount of energy which is taken into account in the main exchange. The use of pure fats doesn’t envisage it. Accordingly, to strengthen the basic metabolism and not to twitch muscle tissue, it is recommended to combine the diet with physical activity.

The diet is designed for three weeks. Ration of the diet includes the following products: vegetables, fruits and herbs – the first three days. The number of calories should not exceed 600 per day. It will be a sort of a shake-up for the body.

The next 4 days you can add a menu: defatted dairy products, whole grain bread, cereal and oatmeal. Thus, the number of calories is increased to 900 kcal per day.

Next week you can afford meat, potatoes and fruits. The total energy value should not exceed 1200 kcal per day.

Then go to where we started. The cycle ends just as it began. First 3 days – 600 kcal per day (vegetables, fruits, herbs), then 4 days – 900 kcal. This method of nutrition helps to lose weight up to 9 kg per week – quickly and effectively. When you return to the usual diet, excess weight will not come back to you.

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