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Required drinks

required-drinksOne way or another we meet various information about the benefits of these drinks. Let’s see what exactly we need to drink and what for.

Green tea is of course the first item in the list. Green tea contains a large amount of flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants. This beneficial set helps to neutralize free radicals and strengthen bones, as well as protects against heart diseases and reduces the risk of cancer.

Mint tea is the next drink that I want to offer. It is very useful for digestion, effectively refreshes and gives strength. It is a soothing, antibacterial and diuretic means, which will relieve your body of stagnation of water. Besides, mint has a spasolytic action – it eliminates pain in the muscles.

Milk. Low-fat milk. An important ability of this drink is that it can satisfy your hunger and appetite will not appear for a long time. This is very advantageous property in the fight against excess weight. Milk contains complex carbohydrates, protein, calcium and vitamin D. It is more useful to drink milk with 1% of fat.

Soy milk is also good for health. It is rich in macro- and microelements, isoflavones, protein, thiamin, pyridoxine vitamin B12 and vitamin E. It also contains a lot vegetable cellulose. Soy milk reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases. However, you shouldn’t completely replace cow’s milk by soy. This can cause a lack of calcium and vitamins A and D in the body.

Hot chocolate or cocoa. These drinks improve mood in the literal sense. But it is not only in taste, the fact is that they stimulate the body’s production of the hormone serotonin. Hot chocolate and cocoa contain polyphenols, which protect cells from free radicals. And one more property – prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Cranberry juice. It is not a very common drink, but it is also important for our organism. It protects digestive and urinary system against infections. Moreover, cranberry juice prevents from gum diseases and reduces levels of harmful cholesterol.

Tomato juice is valued for lycopene in its composition. Because of this fact tomato juice is useful for the prevention of cancer of such organs as the lungs, stomach, intestines, liver, breast, cervix uteri. Moreover, this ability allows tomato juice to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Orange juice completes this list. It is the most popular juice and one of the most useful beverages, largely due to the content of vitamin C. Orange juice protects against many diseases, including cataract and cancer, and generally improves the immune system. It is recommended to drink this juice during pregnancy – the folic acid contained in it prevents the defects of development of the fetus.

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