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Reese Witherspoon Baby Food Diet

Baby Food Diet

Hollywood stars are obliged to keep perfect shape, unless the new film requires correction of the figure in accordance with the scenario. The famous blonde Reese Witherspoon is one of those actresses who despite their age always look like airy fresh girls, and on the red carpet they look with enviable charm. How do they manage to do it?

If you asked yourself about this, you probably were looking for an answer on the Internet and you know that different sources promote different versions. I decided to single out the most popular one.

So, this diet is based on the use of baby food. In addition to Reese Witherspoon, such stars like Jennifer Aniston, Marcia Cross, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga also consider this diet effective. And we can believe just by looking at them! By the way, in addition to the effect of losing weight, this diet helps to cleanse the body of toxins. You will have to replace the normal breakfast and lunch by food for babies, which is sold in any grocery store in jars – about 14 jars of baby food containing about 25-75 calories each. It is advisable to have a normal dinner, when you have an opportunity to eat sensible food. In general, to avoid the occurrence of constipation due to the lack of rough fiber in baby’s vegetable and fruit purees, you must consume whole raw vegetables and unsweetened fruits, for example, sour apples, at least every other day. They can be grinded on a grater and season with a couple of drops of olive oil.

This diet has numerous benefits. For example, it is cheaper compared to the cleaning of the organism by different juices and special detox programs. Moreover, you do not need to spend much time in the kitchen – this is especially gratifying for those who do not have much time. Also, baby food is not sweet, not salty; it does not contain additives and preservatives, it has many vitamins and low caloric content; the nutrients are balanced. The jars with fruit, vegetable and meat purees are small, which avoids overeating. They are convenient to carry.

The disadvantages of such nutrition can be attributed to energy loss. All the same, this amount of calories is not enough to support the life of an adult. Moreover, since the food already has the form of puree, you do not need to chew it, and accordingly the feeling of saturation does not come. Once you return to the normal mode of nutrition, the disruptions are possible. You may have cravings for the usual food. Caloric content of dishes increases, so you have to increase physical activity, so as not to lose shape.

From a medical point of view, it is contraindicated to constantly eat only baby food, and by the way, very few people will be able to do this. It is best to use this diet as a fasting day, оr to use baby food as snacks.


Sample meal plan for a fasting day


Milk rice-buckwheat porridge

Pumpkin-apricot juice without sugar



Apple puree without sugar



Meat puree from rabbit or beef

Puree from vegetables without salt



Apple-peach puree with cream without sugar



Kefir for children

Dairy-free rice porridge

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