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Raw food diet

raw-foodThis diet will be especially appreciated by the followers of vegetarianism. Let’s speak about the raw food diet! It is logical to suppose that the meaning of this diet is in the use of products in their raw form. When the products are subjected to heat treatment, they retain all of the valuable substances and trace elements. Raw fruits and vegetables, greens, dried fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, a variety of herbs and spices constitute the basis your diet in this diet.

The adherents the raw food diet believe that the person needs only 20-30 grams of protein per day instead of the usual 100 g. In this case, the body optimally mobilizes its internal resources and uses the most vital components of protein – amino acids.

Nutritionist and author of books on healthy eating Herbert Shelton advised to adhere to the raw food diet. Here is his menu:

breakfast – 3 oranges, grapefruit, or, or 300 grams of grapes, or a handful of dates and 2 pears.

lunch – vegetable salad (carrots, beets), or salad and a cup of dry cereal, turnips, salad or sour fruit and 100 g of nuts.

dinner – salad, spinach, nuts, or a salad of raw fruits, apples, nuts, or salad of sour fruit and 100 g of cottage cheese.

You can also use porridges with honey and fruit. But you should choose those porridges that are not required to be boiled, and may be filled with water for the night, for example, buckwheat and oat cereals. Protein products may include low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt, seafood, poultry without skin, fish. Poultry and fish should be steamed, boiled or baked in the oven. Green tea, pure water without gas and juices without sugar will help to speed up metabolism.

Short term diet based on raw food is practiced in order to prevent chronic diseases and cleanse the body of toxins; and similar nutrition on a continuous basis lowers the level of cholesterol in the body. But there is also an opinion that it impairs the health of the musculoskeletal system and increases the risk of osteoporosis – bone disease. But it is possible to control and balance your ration so that it necessarily includes the products with calcium containing.

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