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Proper nutrition. 5-day menu

Proper nutrition.5-days-menuProper nutrition is not always boring steamed broccoli. Proper nutrition is primarily the use of healthy foods, the presence of nutrition regime and proper selection of ingredients, depending on the time of day. But you can do it delicious and varied.

The first rule – you should not feel hungry. Next – cook by yourself. The proper ration will eliminate the extra kilos and will help to get the positive result in the short term. It is worth mentioning that even simple home workouts will also enhance the effect.

I want to offer you a detailed proper menu for 5 days.

First day

Breakfast: oatmeal cooked on the water with nuts, apples and pears (or any other fruit).

Snack: yogurt.

Lunch: fish soup.

Snack: fruit.

Dinner: baked chicken fillet, vegetable salad, a little of brown rice.

Second day

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese and greens.

Snack: milk cocktail with banana.

Lunch: beef with buckwheat.

Snack: cottage cheese with fruit.

Dinner: stewed fish with lettuce (you can use as garnish: pearl barley, millet porridge).

Third day

Breakfast: hot sandwiches of black bread with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce – 2 pcs.

Snack: a salad of tomato and feta cheese.

Lunch: pasta with meat and vegetables with olive oil (it is important to choose lean meat).

Snack: fruit.

Dinner: fried chicken with asparagus.

Fourth day

Breakfast: fritters from gray flour with fruits – 3 pcs.

Snack: kefir.

Lunch: rice with chicken and vegetables (stew in a frying pan).

Snack: fruit with cottage cheese.

Dinner: scrambled eggs with cheese and mushrooms.

Fifth Day

Breakfast: rice with raisins.

Snack: sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomato (using black or gray bread).

Lunch: baked potatoes

Snack: yogurt and fruit.

Dinner: rabbit in sour cream, vegetable salad dressed with olive oil.

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