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Products provoking cellulite

If you want to get rid of cellulite, you should not only do exercises but eat the right foods. In addition, it is important to know which foods can provoke cellulite.

AlcoholAlcohol tops the list of such products which have a negative impact on the problematic area of most women. Most often, the food accompanying alcoholic party includes grilled pork ribs and sausages if it is beer or a juicy steak and Italian pasta if it’s wine.

In addition, alcoholic beverages are high in calories and increase the appetite, which in its turn affects extra weight – one more unpleasant problem. Alcohol in large amounts worsens blood circulation, causes edema syndrome and leads to the disruption of blood and lymph circulation. All this contributes to the formation of “orange peel” on the hips and buttocks.

salty foodsAs for such salty snacks as chips, smoked sausages, crisps or french fries – all this contain salt. After salty snacks we certainly feel thirsty. We love to drink cola or beer after these goodies and thus, retain water in the body. This leads to swelling and provokes cellulite.

coffeeThe next item is our favorite invigorating beverage – coffee, especially strong coffee. Yes, unfortunately it is also not a friend for us in the fight against cellulite. More than 3 cups of this drink per day may adversely affect the blood vessels and blood circulation. Coffee in combination with cigarettes causes a double blow to the body, disrupting the lipid metabolism.

The next product, which we should avoid, the main friend of excess weight, tooth decay and diabetes – sugar. It not only reduces the elasticity of the soft tissue, but also disturb the elasticity of blood vessels and the mineral balance in the body. All this leads to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat, incorrect circulation of blood and lymph, weakening of the capillaries and appearance of hillocks of under the skin.

MayonnaiseMayonnaise that we buy in the store is a sort of a fatty bomb. We are talking about the industrial production of this sauce, which uses trans fats. Our body can’t digest it. Regular consumption of such mayonnaise entails such problems as diseases of the pancreas and liver, atherosclerosis, obesity, diseases of the vessels, formation of cholesterol plaques and other pathologies, including – cellulite.

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