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Portion size

To avoid overeating, you need to calculate your portion properly. After all, we can stop not always in time, especially if the dish is particularly delicious. So, in order not to regret that favorite skirt has become too narrow again, let’s learn how to visually identify the amount of food that will be enough for your organism. The palm will help us in this purpose!

Fish. Let us consider the example of cod, which contains a small amount of fat. The portion of this fish may correspond to the entire palm of your hand, including the fingers.


Meat. As for meat, all nutritionists are of the opinion that a serving of steak or any other meat dish should be equal to the palm without fingers.


Potatoes. The recommended norm of carbohydrates amounts 200 calories for women and 250 calories for men. This number fits in one hand.


Pasta and cereals. The weight of pasta or rice is determined in dry form. Usually the fist corresponds to 75 grams of the product.


The next item – vegetables. Typically, most diets assert that vegetables can be eaten in any quantity. However, the method of preparation also plays a role. To avoid confusion, be guided by the rule that portion of vegetables, such as broccoli, should be the size of a fist. This portion usually takes half of the plate.


Greenery. This is one of the most useful products, which must be present every day at every meal. For one portion, you can eat the amount that fits in open palms.


Berries. 80 grams of berries a day is the amount which should not be exceeded. This number can be placed into the open palms. The same rule applies to fruit.


Baking. You can determine the amount of baking using two fingers. So, this number will correspond to about 185 calories. Nutrition specialists claim that this is the maximum that will not affect your figure.


Butter and chocolate. The required portion of any fat and oils – peanut, vegetable, butter – should be placed in a teaspoon, or it is also possible to be oriented on the thumb of your hand.


Our hand will help us again to determine the norm for nuts and seeds. The cup-shaped opened hand is the norm of the required quantity. Also, nutritionists recommend eating such products not a handful, but one by one. This promotes better digestion, and is generally more useful to the organism.


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