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Nutrition tips for diarrhea

Nutrition tips for diarrheaIn the case of diarrhea, you should limit the intake of food. This will reduce the thermal, mechanical and chemical stimuli in the intestine. These tips on nutrition will also help with the acute chronic colitis, gastroenteritis and dysentery.

So, here are a few recommendations.

All the products should be prepared in boiled form, mashed or steamed. It is necessary to eliminate food and products that enhance the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the intestine. It can be such dishes as berries, fruits, herbs, fresh vegetables, beans, sweets, milk; in addition, dishes which stimulate the secretion of the pancreas, stomach and bile secretion (snacks, spices and sauces).

You should eat fractionally – about five or six times a day.

During the diet for diarrhea, it is recommended to use bread rusks from white bread and stale white bread for preparation of dishes.

As for the basic ration, you can cook a variety of soups: using light fat free fish broth, beef broth with the addition of cereals (rice, semolina, pearl barley), grated and boiled meat, egg flakes, meatballs and steam quenelle.

It is allowed to use poultry and meat: lean varieties of turkey, beef and veal in the form of meatballs, quenelle, steamed cutlets and boiled meat souffle.

If you want to cook fish, choose only fresh lean varieties. You can prepare it steamed, or make different options of cutlets.

Among a variety of dairy products, choose fresh grated cottage cheese or freshly calcined cottage cheese. Butter should be added to the dishes, but no more than 20 grams.

Chicken eggs: one – two soft-boiled, in an omelette or steamed.

Grains: oatmeal, boiled in water without salt (rice, oat, buckwheat).

You can use the vegetables only in the form of decoctions, which are added to soups.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast: scrambled egg whites, steamed; semolina cooked in water, a glass of tea.

Snack: calcined cottage cheese (about 100 grams).

Lunch: meat cream soup, steam meatballs, fresh blueberry kissel.

Snack: one cup of broth hips.

Dinner: fish in aspic, boiled pasta products and a glass of green tea.

Before going to bed: one glass of low-fat kefir.

During the day: rusks – 200 grams, sugar – 30 grams, oil – 10 grams.

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