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Nutrition for healthy hair and nails

nutrition for hair and nails

Proper nutrition is reflected in everything – from the general state of health to a beautiful figure and a healthy appearance. For example, hair, nails and skin need a special balanced diet. They require constant replenishment of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. For the growth and strengthening of skin, hair and nails we need proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Let us consider the products which should be present in our daily ration of nutrition in more detail.

Such foods as fish, legumes, poultry and lean beef saturate our organism by proteins. It is worth noting that they have almost no cholesterol.

If your nails are dry and often exfoliate, perhaps there is a lack of unsaturated fatty acids in your diet. In this case, you should remember about  flaxseed oil, flax seeds themselves, cod liver oil.

The next item is known to everyone – vitamin A, beta-carotene. This is an important element, the foundation of healthy hair and nails. Such foods include tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin and red bell pepper. It is recommended to use these products with cold pressed vegetable oils, sour cream and natural yoghurt. This affects the better absorption of vitamins.

Sunflower seeds, eggs, brewer’s yeast, brown rice are the sources of biotin. This vitamin is involved in the growth and metabolism of nails, hair, and besides it acts as an anti-inflammatory component.

Calcium is another founding father of the growth, strength and elasticity of hair and nails. Products containing calcium must necessarily be present on your table every day! Choose from these foods: hard cheese, cottage cheese, various dairy products and sesame seeds.

Do not forget that health and strength of nails and hair, as well as the skin color, are directly dependent on the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Foods rich in iron: red meat, liver, green leafy vegetables, whole grain cereals.

If you noticed that your nails and hair have become brittle and lost their luster and healthy look, the reason may be in the lack of collagen. Foods which include gelatin will help you: jelly, mousses. You should periodically include them into the menu.

Sulfur – another indispensable component for the growth of hair and nails. It can be found in cabbage, garlic, onions, mustard, asparagus.

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