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Nut diet

nut dietNuts are a source of vitamins and minerals for our organism. They exceed the mineral composition of fruits in 2.5-3 times. They are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, as well as protein. In addition, nuts contain substances necessary for removal slags from the organism and help to reduce the risk of heart diseases. However, nutritionists recommend eating no more than a handful a day – eating nuts can control problematic increased appetite.

The essence of the nut diet is to replace animal protein to the one found in nuts. The ration of this diet is quite balanced. There are some conditions: the mass of a serving shouldn’t exceed 250 grams and exclude the use of sugar and sweets. The diet is designed for 10 days, and during that time you can lose at least 3 kg of excess weight. The approximate menu is as follows. You can choose a number of options.


– salad from arugula, tomatoes and chopped almonds, dressed with olive oil, pita, black coffee;

– curd casserole with a sauce of orange juice, sprinkled with almond petals, tea;

– slice of pizza with a filling of tomatoes, green peppers and goat cheese, sprinkled with crushed cashews.


– cream soup from potatoes and fennel, leaves of iceberg lettuce with olive oil and any ground nuts, a glass of vegetable juice (tomato, carrot or pumpkin);

– cream soup from broccoli and white mushrooms with sour cream, a handful of walnuts, a handful of raisins or prunes, a glass of berry juice (strawberry, currant or cherry);

– tomato soup with basil, salad from  leaves Lollo Rosso, a cup of unsweetened drinking yogurt.


– a handful of nuts, a handful of raisins;

– a handful of nuts, an apple;

– a handful of nuts, a handful of dates.


– liquid oatmeal porridge cooked on water, herbal tea (chamomile, mint, melissa);

– salad from grated carrots with cream or sour cream, compote of prunes and dried apricots;

– salad from brine cheese, scalded spinach and olive oil, cold Hibiscus tea.

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