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No starch diet

no starchSuch a diet is different in that it has no significant restrictions in food. But losing weight passes rather effectively. This method of nutrition is designed for 2 weeks, and helps to lose weight for 2-3 kg.

The main ration should include citrus fruits and juices, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts. Furthermore, the presence of salads is very important. Bread, potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods are strictly prohibited – it is clear from the name. Fish, animal fats and dairy products, eggs and meat are also banned. The point is, the products that do not contain starch are low-calorie, or absolutely have a negative caloric content. So you eat and at the same lose calories. Sometimes, the body has to spend more calories than it receives from food. Such products include celery for example. You also have to give up coffee, but there is a great opportunity to love herbal teas.

The approximate menu:

Breakfast: 1 orange, orange juice or grapefruit without sugar.

Lunch: salad of fresh vegetables, olive oil and lemon juice. Vinegar is not recommended. For dessert, you can take raisins, prunes, figs or dates.

Snack: fruit juice

Dinner: vegetable salad or vegetables in their own juice. It could be bell peppers, cucumbers, greens, spinach, cabbage, turnips and cauliflower. You have to be careful, not all vegetables can be eaten, and many of them contain starch, such as zucchini, beets, carrots and pumpkin. For dessert, take nuts and fruit (plums, apples, pears and cherries). Water without restriction, but do not use it immediately after the fruit and vegetables.

Weight will be effectively decreased at such a diet, but the main advantage is that the skin doesn’t sag with weight loss, as it usually happens, but on the contrary, it becomes smoothed and more elastic. Furthermore, the products with no starch have a large stock of minerals and vitamins.

It should be noted that the starch by itself is not harmful. It delivers a lot of carbohydrates and on the whole is useful for the organism. But its excessive consumption only hurts, and our basic ration is often replete with such products. Also, the combination is very important. For example, when the products with starch mix with eggs, cheese or meat, it leads to the violation of the digestive system. Such a set of products is difficult to digest; they accumulate in the intestine and lead to excess weight.

Please note that if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it is worth thinking about another diet or consult a doctor.

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