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Nina Dobrev diet

Nikolina Konstantinova DobrevaNina Dobrev is a beauty standard for many modern girls. Of course, any attractive star of a popular TV series immediately attracts – people seek to know about the actor or actress as much information as possible. As for the Canadian actress of Bulgarian descent, Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva, this interest is completely justified.

Nature has endowed the girl by a chiseled slim figure and angelic beautiful facial features. But the girls still hope that not only nature serves by explanation for the perfect appearance of the actress. Many people dream to find out the secrets of her nutrition and the diet that allows her to be slim.

However, Nina admits – she doesn’t accept any diets! Sport has always been a great and significant part of her life. The actress was actively involved in gymnastics and dance; now Nina notes, she’s fond of volleyball, horse riding and swimming; in addition, mountaineering and snowboarding can also be included into the long list of her hobbies.

Yet, yoga takes the first place. It is her passion and main interest. Nina Dobrev prefers “hot” or Bikram Yoga – a set of exercises performed in a heated room or in hot weather outside. She is serious about their studies; practices with a personal trainer at least 3-4 times a week. Thus, such an active life and sports are doing their job properly, so there is no need in dieting.

She emphasizes that she never starves and doesn’t deplete herself by diets. In order to be slim, beautiful and self-confident, it is important to find and define your psychological balance and learn to love and accept yourself. But still, Nina sticks to a few rules about nutrition. In the past, Nina was a vegetarian. But she could not stand more than 4 months, and decided that it was too difficult for her.

“I began to feel weak. …Vegetarianism made me realize – if I want a burger, it must be from beef but not soy!”

Now, she simply adheres to the basic principles of proper nutrition. The actress advises not to overeat and avoid long breaks between meals. In general, Nina does not restrict her ration, and she enjoys cooking. At the same time, she tries to avoid chocolate, all kinds of cakes and pastries.

To satisfy the hunger, Nina recommends:

  • yogurt
  • dried fruits
  • nuts

Parameters of the actress are close to the ideal – 84-58.5-89, the breast size – 32B. With the growth of 168 cm, her weight does not exceed 55 kg.

Nina Dobrev weight loss nina-dobrev-yoga

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