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Mushrooms for losing weight

champignonsIt’s not a diet, but a modified ration of your usual nutrition. This is an easy way, which helps to lose weight without harm to health.

This system was developed several years ago in one of the British universities. The bottom line is that you exclude all meat dishes from your menu and replace them by mushrooms. Studies have shown that in this way you can lose 6-8 kg in a month. But of course it all depends on the individual features of a person, as well as the initial weight.

The fact that the using mushrooms the human body doesn’t produce cholesterol and the number of fat cells doesn’t increase. Furthermore, mushrooms are useful for the digestive tract; they contribute to the removal of slags and toxins, and thus cleanse the body effectively. It is important that the food in the stomach doesn’t stagnate; it means that the fermentation process doesn’t occur. Mushrooms are also a potent source of nutrients. According to usefulness they are no way inferior to meat, but do not cause obesity.

The best choice for this purpose is champignons. Champignon is a diet, low-fat product. 100g of mushrooms contain only 27 calories. These mushrooms saturate well and are easily digested in the body, as well as they have a lot of nutrients. Mushrooms contain special substances that deplete cholesterol plaques. In folk medicine, champignons are recommended as antidiabetic tool, and those which lower cholesterol. It is proved that they contribute to the fight against tumors. To lose weight, you have to get rid of the meat and eat mushrooms 3-4 times a week.

Not only fresh mushrooms, but also dried ones are beneficial for our organism. Nutritionists also recommend the use of mushrooms in various forms of preparation. Your ration should include steamed, fried and boiled mushrooms.

You should take a break from such nutrition. After two months of eating of mushrooms make a pause for 3-4 weeks and then continue to cook dishes from mushrooms.

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