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Milk and tea diet

tea and milk diet

A mono-diet based on milk and tea, or rather, it is better to call it a fasting day, is very popular since, in comparison with other different diets, tea with milk is more easily tolerated by the organism and brings more benefits. It refers to those weight loss options that do not require to spend a lot of money and wisdom. Ingredients are available, but there are many restrictions, although the meaning of the mono diet is precisely this. In addition to the most famous recipe of a magical drink, I suggest you to consider a couple more variations of this diet.

The first recipe for slimming tea is to heat half a liter of skim milk until the first bubbles appear (do not boil, it’s important!), put two tablespoons of tea and let it brew for five to ten minutes, depending on whether you like more or less strong drink. Next, the drink should be filtered, pour into a thermos bottle and use the obtained tea-milk during a fasting day.

The second recipe for slimming tea suggests that, first, the tea is brewed in the usual way, and after a few minutes, when it is infused, the milk is added to it in an equal proportion with water. This mixture should be filtered and put on a slow heat, and then you need to add a clove of mashed garlic. Leave this tea with milk on the stove for five minutes, and then it is ready for using. It is recommended to drink a glass of tea-milk for half an hour before a meal or every two hours, if you use only it throughout the day.

The third version of tea with milk for weight loss is most often used not separately, but during any diet as a means of enhancing metabolism and the work of organs of excretion. You need to pour half a cup of tea into half a cup of hot milk – and the slimming tea with milk is ready. But you should drink it separately, for example, in breaks between meals.

The fourth version of tea with milk for weight loss should be prepared as follows. Brew green tea at the rate of 2 teaspoons of tea for half a liter of water and let the tea cool. While the tea is cooling down, put half a liter of milk on the stove for the slowest fire and add a teaspoon of grated ginger into it. Milk and ginger should simmer for 5-7 minutes, after which you take it off, filter it and add it to green tea. The slimming tea with milk is ready! You should drink a glass of tea 5 times a day in 2-3 hours.

An important point – tea with milk has the maximum effect for weight loss, if you drink it warm, but not hot or cold.

green black teaIn general, only you decide what tea to choose, which is better to use with milk for the purpose of losing weight – black or green.

Green tea for weight loss is traditionally considered more useful, but in combination with milk it is not so important. The fact is that in this case we are dealing not so much with some dietary system as with a means that will help us to spend a day without food to reduce the feeling of hunger.

Black tea gives more strength, which is important for a working person. Therefore, choosing a tea with milk for weight loss, you may make an experiment, preparing two cups with different teas, and choose the one to your taste.

By the way. You know that a glass of water before eating reduces appetite and therefore helps to cut the portion. Try instead to drink warm tea with milk of water, and your appetite will decrease much more; thanks to the calories it contains, the body perceives it as a “full-fledged” snack.

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