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Milk and green tea for weight loss

Milk and green teaMilk and green tea is a great option to lose a few unwanted kilograms. It is very easy and healthy diet which is designed for one day. It has become very popular recently and is often used as an unloading. It can be attributed to the monodiets.

Recipe of the beverage is very simple. You should take 1.5 liters of milk, boil it and pour 3-4 teaspoons of green tea in hot (70 degrees) boiled milk. Next, you need to infuse the drink for 15-20 minutes, strain and drink throughout the day. It’s delicious both – in cold and warm form.

There are a few important rules. The most important thing that you should do during this day, in addition to this beverage, is to drink 2 liters of plain or mineral water without gas. This is necessary because the drink has a diuretic, choleretic and cleansing properties.

Water is an important element of the diet – it is able to remedy the lack of fluid in the organism and helps to cleanse the body.

The next rule is less important, but it exists. Please select not any day of the week for this diet, but namely the Wednesday. This is recommended in accordance with the astrological motivations.

One more condition. You should choose low-fat milk or with fat content of 1.5%, up to of 2.5% maximum. This is a logical decision, because we want to lose weight and be cleansed on this day, so it is unnecessary to burden the liver.

You can do it even easier. Take a teaspoon of green or black tea, pour 100 g of boiling water and after 4-5 minutes make it topped up with 100-150 grams of milk. You can also act as Englishmen – pour 1/3 of milk into a well warmed cup and replenish the cup by 2/3 of strong tea infusion.

If you don’t like green tea, the diet allows the use of black one. However, it is best to follow the instructions. It is not recommended to use such a diet more than 1-2 days.


    • Julia

      In general, you can sweeten the drink, but be careful, not all sugar substitutes are useful. Be ready that the result of losing weight will vary. So, of course it is desirable to drink in pure form.

  • Diet

    Thank you for you reply. I have two more question if you can help me so can you tell me if i can drink coffe and tea during the diet and will i not losse as much weight if i use sweetner?

    • Julia

      This mono diet probably is better to be described as a fasting day, as it lasts just for 1-2 days. You should drink only these liquids throughout the day – milk with tea and clean water. The term is not great, so I think you can be patient, or in an extreme case, it is better to choose another diet.

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