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Melon diet

melonMelon diet is a tasty and effective mono-diet. It will help to get rid of five extra kilograms in a week! Thus, the diet can last up to seven days.

Moreover, it perfectly cleans the kidneys, because melon is known for its diuretic effect. Low caloric content of melon allows to organize delicious and pleasant fasting days. Melon contains vitamin B9, vitamin C and beta-carotene. In addition, to have a beautiful tan it’s just needed to include melon into the beach diet, it will help to make  stable and uniform tan.

Useful properties of melon are able to strengthen our immune system, get rid of depression, raise the spirits, relieve insomnia, fatigue and irritability due to the enzyme superoxide dismutase. It is important that the melon contains a lot of fiber, which promotes healing of the digestive system, it helps to cleanse your body of toxins, excess salts and toxins. Melon promotes rejuvenation, gives extra energy, increases vitality.

You won’t feel hungry during the diet as melon saturates the stomach well and the feeling of satiety is maintained for a long time. Melon is also able to break down fats, eliminate heavy animal fats and bad cholesterol from the organism.

So, the recipe of this mono-diet is simple: 1-1,5 kg of melon a day. Melon should be cleaned and divided into 5 parts. You should eat at regular intervals of time. During the rest of the day it is recommended to drink non-carbonated water and tea from your favorite herbs, the standard amount – about 2 liters a day. It is recommended to use soothing herbs for tea, especially dog-rose.

Overall, this is a matter of taste and endurance of course, because it is very hard to eat only melon for a whole week. But such a diet exists, and we are to decide what to try for ourselves!

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