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Madonna’s diet

madonnaWe trust the information better when it comes from famous respected people. In this case we see the result on their example.

You can love or hate Madonna, but the Queen of pop music knows how to keep herself in good shape all these years. There are many diets that are attributed to Madonna, and one of the most common is a diet of Ray Kybartas, Madonna’s personal nutritionist. He has developed a special diet for her. It is not hard and for the better effect she regularly goes in for sports, so her regime is sufficiently rigid, but it’s worth it. She loves chocolates, so at the same time, she can afford her favorite treat, because she knows for sure that she will lose a pound of weight in a week.

So, the first rule of the diet – at breakfast, lunch and dinner it is strongly recommended to monitor the ratio of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in proportion 30:30:40. You should limit the use of pasta, bread, potatoes, cereals, i.e. starchy foods; and carbohydrates should be complex, such as greens and fruits. The protein portion should have a size of your fist, the amount of carbohydrates should be twice more. The fats are mandatory, they reduce hunger and give vivacity. Personally for me, the most difficult thing in this diet is a rejection of caffeine, but it is a strict requirement. It also envisages quite small quantity of oil for salads and frying.

Madonna’s breakfast includes toast with two egg whites, one egg, apple, orange or peach. For the lunch – a piece of bread from the coarse flour, turkey breast or chicken with mayonnaise. For the dinner – a portion of protein (it can be fish, chicken, lean beef), lots of vegetables, a little pasta and a half of baked potato. The main condition of the diet – aerobics for an hour a day, attending dance classes, cycling, rollerblading or just jogging in the morning.

But there is another widespread belief that Madonna is a vegan and prefers a macrobiotic diet. Its essence is in using as much as possible of products that are grown in your latitudes. There are some rules. You should eat only when you are truly hungry. Alcohol, dairy products, cheeses, convenience food, potatoes, various spices, salt, sugar, meat, fresh tomatoes, eggs, caffeine are absolutely excluded. The daily ration should constitute 50% of cereals, such as wheat, oatmeal, brown rice, wheat; 25% – fresh vegetables (cabbage salad, turnips, celery, pumpkin); 10% – proteins; 5% – soups; 5% – seafoods; 5% – nuts and fresh fruit. The fats and physical activity are still required. This diet lasts for at most two weeks. During this period you can lose up to 7 kg.

Try different variants and choose the best one for you!

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