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List for dieters

List for dietersIf you want to lose weight but do not have desire to obey the schedules of different diets, you can stick to this simple list. It will help you to keep yourself in good shape without thinking about calories. Furthermore, it is a good way to follow the proper nutrition in general. So, we recommend you to have such a list on hand always! …or even remember it by heart.

  1. Low-calorie foods:

Tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, white lean fish, citrus.

  1. Nourishing products:

Oat flakes, pasta from durum wheat, beans, whole grain bread, apples.

  1. Products, not affecting the blood sugar levels:

Skim milk, lentils, mushrooms, berries, lettuce leaves.

  1. Products with lower fat content:

Low-fat cottage cheese, chicken offal, seafood, grouper, tuna.

  1. Useful products for a healthy appearance:

Clean water, olive oil, almonds, flaxseed oil, avocado.

  1. Products that bring pleasure:

Crunching vegetables and fruits – celery, apples, bell peppers, carrots; whipped dairy products without sugar, low-fat chicken pate, fruit puree, juicy berries.

  1. Products which do not retain water in the body:

Green tea; orange juice diluted with water; cranberries; berry fruit drinks and soft drinks without sugar; celery juice and celery.

  1. Products that should be always with you:

Bananas, low fat dairy products in half-liter containers, grain breads, nuts, dried fruits.

  1. Products that will help you to build a new body:

Low-fat cheese, diet cottage cheese white fish, beans, egg white.

  1. Products that will maintain your health:

Black chocolate with no additives (not less than 75% cocoa in the composition), figs, tomatoes, olive oil, nuts.

  1. Products that will help to lose weight:

These products must have a strong ergotropic action. They include: low-fat kefir, cottage cheese, fish; garlic, onion, hot pepper; ginger.

  1. Products that are not affecting the process of losing weight:

They include neutral foods, which have relatively little effect on the hypothalamus: fruit, cereals, pasta, soya semi-finished products; mutton, beef; bakery products (made without the use of yeast, milk and eggs).

  1. Products that interfere with losing weight:

These products have trophotropic action and prevent weight loss. They comprise: malt beverages, products with a high content of yeast or their metabolic products, fresh milk, pork and especially bacon, melon, walnuts, potatoes, eggplant.

Trophotropic food used in conjunction with ergotropic neutralizes the harmful effect. Combining trophotropic vegetables with dairy products, garlic, onions, pepper and ginger helps to “fix” the dish.

During the weight loss you should try to use mainly ergotropic and neutral foods, and avoid trophotropic. Thus, fat disappears much faster and easier.

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