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Liquid diet


A liquid diet is one of the ways to lose 4 – 6 pounds in a couple of weeks. You don’t have to starve, but it allows completely to clean the intestines and deduce harmful toxins from an organism. The essence of this diet is in the consumption of food only in the liquid and creamy state; and most important rule of this regime is a strict absence of solid food in your ration. Liquid food is the most digestible form of nutrition because of its creamy consistency. Various smoothies, soups and similar products bring a feeling of satiety that lasts longer than after conventional products. Exceptions are the traditional fruit juices, which have high sugar content. And we don’t need excess sugar during the slimming.

This diet is easy to adhere; it will bring a normal physical activity and good mood. It works due to the use of low-calorie liquid food and water. Liquid food leads to a minimum calorie intake. It perfectly satisfies hunger and allows the body to spend less time and energy to digest it. The course of such a diet can significantly reduce the size of the stomach. This will help to decrease food portions and improve the work of other organs.

Such a method of weight loss is suitable for the period of vacation, because it involves intake 200 grams of fluid every 50 – 60 minutes. Variations of liquids can include vegetable drinks, fruit juices, fermented milk and dairy products, chicken and vegetable soup without salt, unsweetened coffee and tea. Juice of vegetables or fruit should be diluted with water in proportion of 3:1.

Such diet helped Angelina Jolie to bring her figure a perfect look after the pregnancy. Within three weeks she followed such system of nutrition with addition of physical exertion. In this way, she got rid of the 10 extra pounds.

 The approximate menu is as follows:

 8:00 – broth from oats, rice or oatmeal;

9:00 – apricot compote;

10:00 – hot green tea;

11:00 – pumpkin or carrot drink;

12:00 – milk or 1% fat yogurt;

liquid_diet13:00 – boiled hot water;

14:00 – berry juice;

15:00 – low-fat chicken broth;

16:00 – coffee;

17:00 – a fruit drink;

18:00 – vegetable broth;

19:00 – milk;

20:00 – tomato juice;

21:00 – boiled hot water.

After the course of the liquid diet you should follow some rules for several days – don’t consume pastries, sweet products and fried foods. It is recommended in order not to get those extra pounds back.

But there is a disadvantage. A drawback of this regime is in its imbalance, liquid diet is poor in fiber and vitamins and therefore it can not be long-term. This diet is strictly contraindicated for people with diseases of the liver, kidney, heart and intestines.

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