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Lemon-honey diet

lemon-honeyLemon-honey diet is not easy. But it guarantees a good cleansing of the body and weight loss of up to 2 kilograms in 2 days. The average daily caloric content is 907 kcal. The diet is very fast and lasts only for two days, but don’t repeat it more than once a month. It helps the body to get nutrition due to the internal reserves of accumulated fat and remove the excess fluid from the organism.

Menu of such nutrition envisages a complete rejection of food throughout the day and its replacement by liquid with a high acidity. The recipe in the following – you need to mix 3 liters of non-mineralized and non-carbonated water, fresh juice of 15 lemons, 50 grams of honey. Besides this beverage, you can drink ordinary non-mineralized and non-carbonated water or green tea without any restrictions. And that’s all, nothing more is allowed.

Energy value of the lemon-honey mixture is almost equal to zero – the weight loss is fast enough. A large percentage of citric acid in this mixture can reduce the sensation of hunger. Glucose and sucrose of honey, in the case of absence of fats and proteins, provide intensive weight loss due to the body fat reserves.

It is recommended to consult a physician or nutritionist for those who have problems with the acidity in the organism, kidney disease and some other chronic diseases.


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