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Lemon diet


My granny always taught me to drink lemon water with honey every morning. This really healthy drink contains vitamins and glucose, which are very good for the brain and the organism in general. Lemon is also our first thought when we catch a cold. What else do we know about it?

Lemon is rich in mineral salts and citric acid. In addition to well-known vitamin C, lemon contains vitamin A, B1, B2, D and P – citrine, which is typical only for citrus. Lemon relieves headaches, if you put a purified from white substance lemon crust to the temple for 10-15 minutes. Using of lemon is helpful in the treatment of leg cramps, stone diseases in the gallbladder, in the healing of wounds, lung diseases and heart palpitations. Lemon also helps with metabolic disorders and improves digestion. These qualities contribute to weight loss because organic acids break down fats and reduce the sensation of hunger. Vitamin C fills the body with energy, so the restrictions on food during the diet don’t bring much discomfort.

Lemon diet implies to drink lemon juice diluted in hot water on an empty stomach. In this regard, there is an immediately warning – if you have any stomach diseases, this diet is strictly forbidden for you!

It is recommended to eat fruits and vegetables 4-5 times a day during this diet, but avoid overeating. Eat nuts – proteins which are contained in them will regulate the glucose level. You should exclude sugar from the ration, and the products in which it is contained, such as sweet batch, white rice, sweet corn. But you shouldn’t exclude fats – we need the fatty acids, which are contained in marine fish for example. lemons2Spray meat and fish with lemon juice during cooking, and add lemon peel to salads, so try the maximum use of lemon.

Strive for natural products and eliminate the prepared and preserved food as much as it possible. Try to create your own schedule and eat every 4 hours, not less. Spend more time outdoors and don’t forget about physical activity, it will increase your chances of losing weight!

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